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Maximize Performance and Productivity

Increase Energy, Decrease Stress and Get More Done in Less Time

George’s strategies offer ways to boost productivity when applied across your workforce. Participants leave George’s presentations with a renewed sense of inspiration and are ready to apply what they’ve learned in making a difference at work.

In This Presentation, Your Audience Will:

Learn to Increase Energy Levels with my Energy Quadrant

Discover How to Decrease Stress Levels with 2 Simple Techniques

Master Their Time and Day by Using the Pareto Principle

Learn the 5 Most Common Everyday Work Distractions and How to Beat Them

Grasp the 2 Secrets to Eliminating Procrastination for Good!

Adaptability is the New Change

5 Keys to Embracing Change

Adaptability is the new change and whether you like it or not, change is going to happen, and this presentation will show them how to become more adaptable to it.

In this presentation, your audience will:

Learn The 3 Stages of Change and How to Embrace it

Discover The 4 Levels of Competence for Learning New Processes and Developing New Habits

Embrace The 5 Keys to Embracing Change and How to Stop Resisting It

Turn Fear of Change into Excitement for Change

Become More Adaptable to Change

The Power Of TEAM Synergy

A Model for More Effective Communication and Cohesion in the Workplace

Improve your company’s synergy using the DiSC® Team Cohesion Model. This interactive presentation is designed to ignite productive methods for employee motivation and TEAM Synergy.

In this presentation, your audience will:

Learn a Simple Model to Identifying Personal Priorities in the Workplace

Discover How to Identify Co-Workers Personal Priorities and How to Adapt Their Style to Create Cohesion with Others

Grasp Their Unique Strengths and the Unique Strengths of Others

Embrace Working Together with More Synergy and TEAM Focus

Participate in a Team-Building Exercise to Assist in Re-enforcing the Power of TEAM

Other Topic Areas George Speaks on:

Leadership, Staff Appreciation and Developing a Positive Mindset

Become an Unstoppable Leader

You Can Make a Difference – Staff Appreciation

A Positive Mindset in a Negative World

"We hired George to come in and speak. He's done 2 presentation for us...and he did a phenomenal job at tying in exactly what we were trying to accomplish - If you're considering hiring George, I highly recommend it and we'd be happy to be a reference for him. You won't be disappointed."

Hollie Fowler - Sr. Director at Prestige Care, Inc.

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